• Nicole Anderson

Coconut Whisk: bringing me smiles since March 2020

Hi All,

It’s been a long time since I’ve come on here to share a blog post, but I have a life update that I am extremely excited about. I have been accepted into the Coconut Whisk Ambassador Program! I have been asked to be on other company’s ambassador programs before and have turned down those offers. I didn’t feel my heart would’ve been in it and I knew I would’ve viewed it as an additional stressor instead of something I genuinely enjoyed. If you keep on reading you will hopefully understand why it was different with Coconut Whisk.

Let’s start with some background, Coconut Whisk is a company that sells DELICIOUS baking mixes that are dairy, egg, gluten, peanut, and soy free, they are also non-GMO and made without preservatives or artificial ingredients. One of my favorite parts about these mixes is how is easy they are to make. Let me put this into prospective for you – my boyfriend, Joe, is a terrible cook, and by terrible cook I mean Joe is clueless when it comes to cooking or baking anything. I taught Joe how to PEEL AN ORANGE just a few months ago. I love him to death, preparing food just isn’t his strong suite! That being said, I do most of the cooking and baking when we are together, and he handles clean up duty. It is a combo I love because I am never going to complain about someone cleaning the dishes, in my opinion I have the better half of the deal. However, after discovering Coconut Whisk, once a week our roles are reversed. Every Sunday morning Joe comes over and makes me Coconut Whisk pancakes. Joe loves it because all he has to do is pour the mix and some water into a bowl and pour them on to the stove. I love it because it is such a treat to have a meal made for me where I feel confident about the ingredients I am eating due to my restrictive diet! As you can see, Coconut Whisk holds a special place in my heart and is continuously a highlight of my week. Coconut Whisk doesn’t only sell pancake mix either, they also sell, 1-minute chocolate mug cake, chocolate chip cookie mix, snickerdoodle mix, and chocolate muffin mix.

Not only do Coconut Whisk’s products taste great and are easy to make, they also have an amazing mission. With every online purchase using my ambassador code, they donate TWO plant-based meals to people in need through their partnership with Food For Life Global, the world’s largest vegan hunger relief.

In summary, we have a company with delicious, easy-to-make products, and an amazing social mission that I can get behind. The decision to apply to be a brand ambassador for Coconut Whisk was a no-brainer. I hope their products bring as much joy into your life as they have mine.

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