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Favorite Gluten and Dairy Free Substitutes:

I recently got asked what my favorite gluten and dairy free substitutes are and I immediately wanted to write a blog post on it. I feel passionate about this topic because I have done a lot of research over the past couple years and feel I have found gluten and dairy free substitutes that make the consumer (you) feel like they are eating the real thing. Let’s get started!

Nicole’s Favorite Dairy Substitutes:

Cheese: This is a complicated one because it all depends on the type of cheese you are looking for so I’m going to break it down for you.

1. Mozzarella Cheese: Miyoko's. I love all this cheese because IT MELTS SO WELL. It truly tastes like you are eating mozzarella cheese too! I recommend this cheese for pizzas, lasagnas, ect.

2. Parmesan Cheese: Follow Your Heart. Growing up, parmesan cheese was always my favorite, so I missed it a lot when I started to go dairy free. I was so excited when I tried this cheese because it tastes like the real deal. This cheese is also great on pizza as well as melted on top of your popcorn (ugh, how I miss my nightly popcorn).

3. Feta Cheese: VioLife. This cheese is AMAZING with crackers or anything you like cold cheese with. Putting together a dairy free charcuterie board? This cheese is a MUST.

Yogurt: It took me awhile to find this yogurt and I can only ever find it at my local co-op. It has GREAT ingredients and you get that amazing thick greek yogurt texture.

1. COYO. This is the only brand of dairy free yogurt that is making my list because I strongly believe that it is the best. It tastes like real yogurt and doesn't have any food additives or what I consider to be 'yucky' ingredients.

2. COCOYO. This is not making my list as a full greek yogurt because it will give you a stomach ache if you eat the whole thing in one sitting due to all the probiotics. However, if you are just craving a couple bites this is the PERFECT solution. My favorite flavor is raspberry.

Butter: Miyoko’s is making the list again because their butter is the best I have ever had and tastes exactly like the real thing (and cooks like it too!).

Chocolate: Okay, so I have two favorite brands of chocolate bars and one favorite brand of chocolate chips and cocoa powder.

1. Santa Barbra Chocolate (chips and cocoa powder): I do have a discount code for this chocolate but that’s not why they are one of my favorites. I genuinely believe they have the purest cleanest chocolate and use the BEST ingredients. Their bags may seem expensive, but they are HUGE. This is bulk chocolate and their bags last me MONTHS. Use my code ‘anextrapinchofsalt’ for $10 off your order.

2. HU (bar): BACK TO HUMAN. I love everything about this brand. Such clean ingredients that I feel totally safe putting into my body

3. Honey Mama’s: Their chocolate is amazing. Warning that you will probably eat the whole thing in one sitting. Best of luck to you.

Ice Cream: Pre-autoimmune ice cream was my jam. In the summer I would probably go out to get ice cream at least two or three times a week. Obviously, I have made a lifestyle change – but I still do love ice cream, and these dairy free flavors don’t make me miss it at all! I don’t know exactly what’s in the ice creams I get from restaurants.. and I don’t ask because I figure I don’t want to know. If I’m going out for a special treat – knowing that it’s simply dairy free is all I need to know to be able to sleep at night.

1. Restaurants:

a. Crepe and Spoon: the greatest vegan ice cream AND gluten free waffle cones - YES PLEASE.

b. J-Selby’s: if you are missing your classic DQ blizzard go here for the best vegan, gluten-free blizzards (they call them soyclones). My go to is the vanilla with their GF cookie and vegan peanut butter cups mixed in. It’s a good thing you can’t buy it by the tub!

c. Wedge Co-Op: Has the best coconut soft serve. If you are craving that classic soft serve in a cup with a vegan, gluten free cookies crumbled on top.. maybe a chocolate drizzle.. is your mouth watering yet?

2. By the Pint:

a. Nada Moo: Delicious but I do not eat it on the regular. Clean for ice cream, but the ingredients still aren’t GREAT.

b. Cado Avocado Ice Cream: FYI: It doesn’t taste like avocados. (; Pretty clean ingredients (again, for ice cream, still would not eat on the regular). I got the vanilla flavor of this the other day and LOVED it.

Milk: Obviously I no longer drink milk and am honestly pretty against milk in general due to all the hormones that can potentially be in it. If you can get the calcium you need in other ways, I say do it. I typically make my own nut milk to keep it both clean and inexpensive but I do have one brand I love and 100% stand behind the ingredients.

1. MALK: I love Malk. The ingredients are AMAZING and I personally think it tastes better than any other substitutes I have found. I would buy it all the time, it is just kind of expensive.. which is the ONLY downside.

2. Homemade Nut Milk: Blend 1 TBSP of nut butter of choice with 3 to 4 cups of water for 30 seconds. You can add a tablespoon of maple syrup and a tsp of vanilla to taste, but it is optional. Literally could not get any easier. I keep mine in mason jars in my fridge.

Nicole’s Favorite Gluten Free Substitutes:

Bread: I don’t eat a lot of bread. It is generally due to the fact that there are not a lot of gluten, dairy, egg free bread options. I was ecstatic when I found a bread company I could eat bread from.

1. Grindstone Bakery: their bread has insanely clean ingredients and is egg, dairy, and gluten free. It also tastes amazing. All I got to say is that it’s a good thing I don’t live right across the street.. or even in the same state! They ship bread to you but you have to buy four loafs at the time. However, I stick them in my freezer until I want to use them and they last me a long time. When I am craving pizza I sometimes throw a piece in the oven with some marinara and dairy free cheese.

Pancakes: I LOOOOVVEE pancakes. Always have, always will. I have always just been a huge fan a breakfast foods all together. I love to make my own pancakes and have a couple amazing pancake recipes on my feed, however I do have a couple go-to brands if I am feeling lazy.

1. Simple Mills: Simple Mills is my go-to brand for baking most things. It is easily accessible since almost every grocery store carries it, and I also like the ingredients.

2. Legit Bread Company: This you have to order online but the ingredients are really clean, so in my opinion it’s worth it.

a. On the box it calls for an egg while preparing, I just use a flax egg to make it egg free and it cooks perfectly.

Crackers: Need a cracker to go with that feta cheese from violife? I got chu. The cracker I trust most are the ones I make myself, and I loooove my flaxseed almond flour crackers I have up on my blog that you can make in 15 minutes. If you are not a baker, do not fear.

1. Rice crackers: I don’t have a go-to brand for this, I just check the ingredients on whatever box I am getting to make sure it doesn’t have any other unnecessary ingredients.

2. Simple Mills: their second appearance on the list, their crackers are amazing and also easily accessible at most stores, and again, I like the ingredients.

Tortillas: I have one go-to tortilla brand for all my baking needs whether it be tacos, pizza crusts, or homemade tortilla chips.

1. MIKEY’S: huge, huge fan of Mikey’s tortillas in the freezer section. AMAZING ingredients. I love to heat them up with some olive oil on a skillet for a yummy snack :)

Pasta: I don’t really ever eat Pasta to be honest. However, I do have a brand that I know uses clean ingredients.

1. Explore Cuisine: their pastas are typically just one ingredient and organic <3

Bread Crumbs: OBSESSED with one particular brand of bread crumbs and they only happen to be one ingredient!

1. Watusee Chickpea Crumbs: They are so good and I love to make paleo chicken strips with them!! Only ingredient: organic chickpeas.

Cookie Dough: I found the most life changing cookie dough the other weekend:

1. Cappello’s cookie dough: Already made and free from gluten, dairy, egg, soy, corn, ect. All you have to do is cut it and throw it in the oven. Seriously can’t get over how amazing this one is!

I hope this article will help you navigate your way around the grocery store and maybe introduce you to some new exciting brands. I hope you love them as much as I do and would love to hear from you if you give any of them a try!



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